Circling Serita is written and directed by Adam Fox (Foam)


Chris wakes up. He has no memory who he is. Where he lives. Who he's loved. The doctors tell him his memory will return in time. Most of it. Fortunately his closest friends are there with him to help him remember who he is. Unfortunately Chris is haunted by a vision of a beautiful girl he doesn't remember. A girl his friends seem to have no memory of. A mystery puzzle in his head. This story follows a man in his quest to find himself.

The Premiere of Circling Serita will be held Thursday Aug 10th at The Viisulite Theater in Charlotte NC









Circling Serita is Starring Mark Welling,
Adam Fox, Shane Elks, Mechelle Deluca, Joan Brown, Magen Portanova and Michelle Love

Trailer for Circling Serita!

Music in the trailer.
Mistle Thrush "Stupid Song"
Katie Barbato "Hang On Here"